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El Sabor Popular is a documentary series about short stories around food.

How was the project born?

We are not chefs. We are not filmmakers. We like to travel and we are good at listening. We all have something to say, something to tell, something to share. By listening we expand our worldview; we empathize with the alien and adopt it as our own. The food on our trips is the link; it is the perfect excuse to exchange anecdotes, knowledge and tradition. El Sabor Popular is born from the desire to share all those stories that we have the privilege of listening and through them we seek to connect worlds and rescue the value of roots, traditional cuisine and food.
These stories are tradition and culture; they are family stories, personal stories, stories from the heart.


PH: Revista La Muy

How do we choose where to film and who to interview?

We travel slowly because we have discovered that for us it is the most economical and effective way to travel the world. We work remotely in graphic and web design among other things and our professions allow us to live anywhere. We just need a desk, internet and never lack space to cook. The places to go, as well as the people to interview, are revealed and defined on the trip, almost as if by magic. The project is alive and taking shape according to the circumstances that cross the road. We do not have a marked route, although we do want to know places, which are generally quiet, small and not very touristy. That is where the identity of the people is concentrated. Once we decide where to go, friends, family, social networks and collaborative travel platforms weave the threads that lead us to the stories we then document. To choose them we rely on everything we feel. If, when listening to a story, we drop a tear, the heart skips or the stomach tickles, surely we are on the right track.

How do we do it?

The project is independent and we carry it out between the two of us: Manu and Vero. One takes care of the image and the other of the sound and between the two we produce, direct and edit. El Sabor Popular remains afloat mainly on its own strength and with the support of family and friends, but also thanks to the participation of sponsors and collaborators who contribute their grain of sand so that the project continues to travel the world, recording and sharing stories. If the project was interesting to you and your intention is to collaborate, do not hesitate to write to us. Any input is welcome. Needless to say, our spirit is always ready to share a meal, a talk, a new story =)




“The machinery of compulsive equalization acts against the most beautiful energy of the human race, which is recognized in its differences and from which it is linked. The best that the world has is in the many worlds that the world contains, the different music of life, its pains and colors: the thousand and one ways of living and saying, believing and creating, eating, working, dancing, playing, loving suffering and celebrating… ” Eduardo Galeano - Patas Arriba - La Escuela del Mundo al Revés.


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