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El Sabor Popular – small stories from the End of the World to the origins of traditional cuisine, investigates 5 of the most used ingredients in global cuisine: Chili, Rice, Potato, Tomato and Wheat. They were selected for their historical and cultural value, within the ingredients that are most produced and consumed worldwide, they will act as a common thread and determine the route of the documentary.

The Potato will link Peru with Russia, Rice, China with Ecuador; Chili will take us from Mexico to India; Wheat from Egypt to Argentina; and Tomato, from Central America to Italy.

In the investigation, counterpoints will be established between the places where these foods originate and where they are currently used. We will interview specialists and referees of the food, as well as ordinary people, like us, and their stories will be the heart of the documentary.

Although we have a tentative route, these will not be the only destinations to visit, since the route will be redrawn as the investigation and the development of the documentary progress. We will leave from Ushuaia, “End of the World”, in search of the origins of traditional cuisine.

The ingredients


Haxí, chīlli

“In the center of the pampa a pepper lives. Sun and wind for his life, sun and wind” (Victor Jara, 1965).


飯 Fàn

“I buy rice to live and flowers to have something to live for” (Confucius, 551 BC – 479 BC).


Ch'uqi, amqa

“Urqun qasanta purimuni qam rayku… for you I have walked hills and streams” (Quechua saying).



“First you will travel all the roads of this world before finding yourself” (Aztec saying).


قمح Qamah

Breaking, threshing, crushing and separating the grain from the husk for daily bread.

be part

The project is being developed entirely and independently by the two of us. We are Manu and Vero, two audiovisual filmmakers from Ushuaia – Tierra del Fuego – Argentina.

The fact that we are two has its advantages, but it also makes the work difficult because we have to cover all the roles of an audiovisual production team. Everything costs us a little more.

In addition, although El Sabor Popular was declared of Cultural, Municipal, Provincial and National Interest, the funding for now is ours. Taking into account that it is a long-term project and that it will be filmed in multiple locations, the expenses in equipment, mobility and accommodation are important.

We know that the plan is ambitious and requires a lot of effort, but we are motivated by the desire to carry it forward, the certainty that we are doing what we are really passionate about and the support of all those who support us and push us forward. .

How can you help us?

Spreading the project: liking and sharing our website and facebook.

Contacting us: if you are interested in participating or collaborating with the documentary.

Hosting us: it can be in your home or we can take care of spaces. We are good guests; responsible, ordered and we leave everything perfect =)

Sharing a meal: one of the most appreciated pleasures of the trip. Share a meal, mate, a beer. Sharing is the key.

Transportation: distances are long and this is the most expensive item of the journey. We travel by plane, train, bus, truck, car … We promise mate and anecdotes;)

With financing: all expenses are going to be covered with our own savings and with the support we get from sponsors and collaborators.

How are we going to reward you?

In addition to the eternal gratitude for helping us to finalize the project, we will name all collaborators through the networks, the sponsors will have their space on our website and we are also preparing beautiful rewards that will be revealed soon.

Every grain of sand, however small it may seem, brings us one step closer to realizing our project. Thank you!

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Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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